Hair loss, while not a true tragedy,  can have a devastating effect on a person’s self-image and self-confidence. Hair surgery today is an excellent option for people suffering from hair loss. The older techniques involved cutting, stitching and scarring, and still left patients with an unnatural result. Are hair plugs a type of surgical procedure?  There is an abundance of incorrect information about hair restoration options and procedures. Here is a quick rundown on some of the details and what you should know if you are considering a hair transplant procedure:

Hair Plugs

This term refers to the older medical technique that implanted hair onto the scalp in a round configuration called: follicular unit grafts. The Japanese began this technique in the 1930s and it was extremely effective because it successfully treated damaged areas such as eyebrows and lashes. Due to World War II this knowledge never received worldwide attention. It was two decades later that the Western World began to perform hair implants.

While this technique was the best available at the time of its introduction, it is no longer considered “cutting edge” technology.  Downsides to this type of procedure include significant pain and an obvious end result. In other words, people can tell that you have hair plugs. One of the mistakes with this first procedure was the implantation of high-density hair follicles into areas that require low- density hair follicles. Hair follicles can grow 1 to 4 hairs in frontal (the hairline) and require a 1 hair follicle transplant to look natural. Unfortunately, the hair surgeons at that time placed a 4 hair follicle on hairlines and that left patients end result looking like doll’s hair, and completely unnatural. It was only when the stereomicroscope was introduced that surgeons were able to dissect high-density follicles into single unit follicles (or micrografts) that this innovative procedure began to change. In addition, the direction in which the hair is implanted and precise hair harvesting technique has completely evolved the hair transplant surgeries available today.

Hair Loss Restoration through Hair Transplants

Currently, hair transplantation has made great improvements in terms of technique and the finished look. Instead of implanting a round group of multiple hairs, a modern hair transplantation procedure introduces single hairs into the scalp. This minimally invasive process is far less painful and the results are remarkable – almost undetectable to most people.

Hair surgery is not the same as implanting hair plugs. It is easier to accomplish, causes less pain and delivers superior results. For more information on the hair transplant process in the West Palm Beach area, please contact us at Estetica Institute. Find us online at or reach us directly at 561- 776-9555.