You do not need to be a psychologist to recognize and understand the negative effect balding and thinning hair can have on some people. Social anxiety, depression and a lack of self-esteem are some common results of this potentially devastating condition. In these situations, the psychological benefits of hair transplantation are difficult to deny. A healthy and full head of hair is hugely associated with beauty and a youthful appearance. Therefore when young individuals experience hair loss, the hit to self-confidence can be quite significant.

The primary psychological benefit of hair transplantation is self-confidence. This trait impacts everything from an individual’s sex life to their job performance, all of which can suffer under the weight of balding or thinning hair. The overall influence of a transplant on self-image is proof enough that the procedure should not be considered merely one of vanity. In fact, a pilot study conducted on male post-transplant patients revealed significant increases in the areas of happiness, feeling youthful, self-confidence and a positive future outlook. Improvement in anxiety levels, sex lives, and overall energy was also noted in participants.

A negative self-image can feel overwhelming for those who are self-conscious about their hair loss. Recent research by the Charité – Universität, located in Berlin, revealed that progressive hair loss could even result in body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). Therefore it can be assumed that even if hair transplant procedures are performed before hair loss is severe, the elimination of potential negatives for continued loss is also a net benefit. Naturally, for men and women who undergo transplantation after severe hair loss, the positive psychological effects will be far greater than cases where loss or thinning was minimal.

My experience with our hair transplant patients post-procedure has convinced me that what we deliver is much more than just an aesthetic procedure: we help change their lives. At our clinic (Estetigraft) we have three follow-up visits after every hair transplantation procedure: 24 hours, 6 months and 1 year. We usually see the positive impact at the 6 month post-op visit, when the patient is able to see approx. 60% of their hair growth results. It is almost as if they’ve been given a shot of endorphins! Most of them report being more active with exercise routines and healthier food selection. Many of them even update the way they dress, from conservative to modern and fun. It is impossible not to notice the positive aura surrounding them. A male patient, age 50, stated: “This is like hitting the reset button, I feel young again”.

Various other quick fix options for hair loss such as a toupees, wigs, and even outdated hair plug methods do not offer the same positive emotional impact that an effective hair transplant does. A hair transplant offers a final solution to the issue of hair loss without the stigma associated with other methods. The positive psychological effect of using your own hair, along with discreet and barely detectable (if any) scarring restores confidence to heights that removable hair pieces will never be able to obtain.

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