African American Hair loss solutions in the past have been mediocre at best. Dr. DeLang offers NeoGraft as a permanent solution to hair loss. NeoGraft causes no linear scar or any other noticeable signs of hair restoration and looks completely natural. With the Neograft FUE Hair Transplant procedure, African American men and woman have a way to grow back their hair naturally, without the former smiley face scar on the back of their heads.

Why Has It Been So Hard To Find African American Hair Loss Solutions?

The curly texture of the hair and follicles made plugs look unnatural and often not even. When trying to move up a receding hair line, NeoGraft is the best and most proficient way to go.

The strip method prevented short hair styles, required extensive healing time and caused a permanent scar. Keloids presented an issue in some cases as well. Because of the FUE Method which allows for hair follicles to be harvested and grafted in place within the same day, the outcome looks natural and has lasting results.

African American Hair Loss Solutions For Women

If the hair loss is permanent, like it can be from traction alopecia, the hair loss is often in various areas of the scalp. NeoGraft is your solution! Why? Because with NeoGraft you can fill in areas of concern even in one setting up to 2500 grafts without the trauma or linear scar. Multiple hair transplants are possible as well. Maximum results can be achieved by using the correct medicated shampoos and solutions prescribed by Dr. DeLange.

Dr. DeLange has performed many NeoGraft procedures and believes that offering a broad spectrum of African American hair loss solutions is key. Research shows that NeoGraft has a 98% success rate and is an excellent way to grow back the hair in a natural yet permanent fashion. Our office specializes in hair loss for all ethnicities and has extensive experience with african american hair loss.

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