Hair loss is one of those things that is always on our minds as we age. Everyone has heard the number of different wives’ tales about hair loss. Ever wonder just how much of those myths are true? Below we have included a list of some of the most common hair loss myths.

Myth: Hair loss is passed down from your mother’s side.

Some hair loss myths aren’t entirely true. While it is true that the primary gene causing baldness is on the X chromosome, which men get only from their mothers, there are other factors at play. Research suggests that men whose father is bald are more likely to develop male pattern baldness.

Myth: Wearing a hat causes baldness.

This myth is based on the idea that wearing a hat strains hair follicles, causing them to fall out. The good news is that you aren’t causing any harm by wearing a hat. However, dirty hats can lead to scalp infection, in turn speeding up the loss of hair. So make sure to clean your hats or rotate them frequently.

Myth: Stay away from hair gel and hairspray if you want to keep your hair.

You don’t have to skip the styling products. Gel and hairspray don’t cause balding, neither does shampoo. The myth about washing your hair too frequently is also inaccurate.

Putting these myths aside, loosing your hair is still a very real concern for many people. It is estimated that approximately 35 million men and 21 million women suffer from hair loss in America. If you are losing your hair,Estetigraft may be the solution for you. At our state-of-the-art facility we provide many treatments including the NeoGraft is a hair restoration procedure that provides patients with minimal discomfort, no sutures or scars, and a faster recovery time than other transplants. Patients are able to achieve more natural-looking results than with traditional strip methods of hair restoration.

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