Hair Restoration at Estetica Institute of the Palm Beaches

Throughout the ages hair symbolizes femininity, now let’s explore hair loss in women and some advances in restoration. Furthermore many believe that our personality, beliefs and thoughts are represented by our hair. Of course it is true of men too, and taking good care of their hair is an important aspect of grooming. Approximately a third of all people experience hair loss and most of them represent women.

Probable reasons of hair loss

▪        Genetics

We can inherit this problem from our grandmothers as they say, it runs in the family. This condition is called androgenetic alopecia and signs which a doctor can diagnose are by scalp magnification. Should the follicles be different in size, some thin and others thick it is usually signs of alopecia or female pattern of losing hair. Approximately 30-million of women in the US are affected by this genetic condition, which is also the most common type of hair loss. Usually it happens at the age of 50 or 60, but it’s no guarantee that it can even occur during one’s teenage years.

▪        Medical or other disorders

When the hair loss occurs suddenly or the follicles of the hair are consistent in size, it is prone to have another cause than heredity. The cause could be a medical disorder.

There are numerous disorders which can cause hair loss. The most general include thyroid conditions, anemia and pregnancy. Others disorders can involve PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), auto-immune ailments and skin disorders like seborrhea, dermatitis, and psoriasis. Thyroid problems can have a huge effect on hair loss and tests must be done to be sure whether you have a thyroid-disorder. Hair loss associated with menopause can have a link, although the reason could be that hair loss and menopause are age-related.

More reasons involve intense illness, extreme stress, surgery, losing a lot of weight in a short time span and even Vitamin A, if taken in too large amounts. Furthermore, one can experience hair loss after a few weeks up to six months after such occurrences.

▪        Self-inflicting reasons

Yes, for much breakage and damaging, women are responsible themselves. Wearing hairstyles such as braids or cornrows which are weaved too tight can bring about traction alopecia. Other reasons are chemical hair treatments, blow dryers, dyes, brushing the hair too much or towel it dry in an aggressive fashion when it’s wet, and don’t forget the famous flat iron! Wet hair should be treated kindly.

▪        Other personal habits

Following a poor diet-plan can have an affect on the thinning or losing of hair. Include a lot of protein in your diet-plan and try to follow a balanced diet. It is advisable to take additional supplements to assure that you don’t have a deficiency.

Spending a lot of time outdoors? The sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause the thinning of hair and result in a fragile mane. Wear a hat or use products to protect the hair-follicles against damaging rays.

Take good care of your health and when suspecting you are losing too much hair, get a proper diagnosis from a doctor